The Eclectic Time


“Arthur Watership takes the world that is and turns it inside out. They expose all that’s overlooked, covered up, hidden and neglected, and show just how beautiful it can be. Each pluck of the string and flick of the cymbal is carefully considered as they guide the audience on a journey of the world we thought we knew. There’s magic at every turn, trickling off the rocks and buried deep beneath the moss, and just when you thought you were seeing each angle, the rabbit turns round and pulls something out of its hat. This is not to say that the band is surreal. When they conclude a song, they peer out from behind their collective countenance and tell you that it’s all real; you’re real, they’re real, the whole thing’s real, it’s just that everyone and everything has a lot more to it than is initially perceived. The magic is ingrained in this world, in us, we just need a little help digging it out from time to time.”

To be released December 9th, 2018.