Goes West

‘Goes West’ is William Tyler’s newest focus, a Nashville guitarist and composer ‘Goes West’ is version of instrumental guitar music that tells a story and takes you along an emotional music experience.

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William Tyler ‘Goes West’ Album Info

Released January 25, 2019

Produced by Bradley Cook and Tucker Martine.
Engineered and mixed by Tucker Martine at Flora Recording and Playback, Portland, Oregon.
Assistant Engineer: Justin R. Chase.
Mastered by Joe Lambert.
Artwork & design by Robert Beatty.

William Tyler: acoustic guitar.
Bradley Cook: bass guitar, synths, piano, Omnichord, vibraphone, mandolin.
Meg Duffy: electric guitar, loops.
Griffin Goldsmith: drums and percussion.
James Anthony Wallace: pianos, organ, vibraphone.
Bill Frisell: electric guitar on “Our Lady of the Desert”.

All songs by William Tyler, copyright 2019 Spooky Buffalo Music (ASCAP).

Thank you to the Tyler family, the Zebulon family, Jocelyn Romo, Douglas Mcgowan, Jennifer Joy Jameson, Ben Swank, Mary Lattimore, Julianna Barwick, Ryan Weinstein, M.C. Taylor, Dina Dusko, Bas Flesseman, Darin Gray, Joseph Westerlund, Michael Slaboch, Penny Duff, Stella Cook, Lauren Walker, Sam Smith, Reece Lazarus, Luke Schneider, Brian Kotzur, Rebecca Ruiz, Dorien Garry, Steve Gunn, Justin Gage, Chantal Anderson, Dent May.

Dedicated to the memory of Margie Tyler & JA Brown