A Form of Prayer

Randall Sena’s long-awaited debut solo album, A Form of Prayer, is a gentle & contemplative record that moves at it’s own measured pace.

Written and recorded entirely at night, this album is intended to be listened to between evening & dawn.

A Form of Prayer, on milky clear 12″ vinyl. (Will eventually be released on tape & cd)


Produced, Arranged, Composed + Performed by Randall Sena

With the exceptions of the intro section of ‘Still (Livin’ in the Past)’ which was co-written by Chris Lambert + Randall Sena, the chords for the “cuckoo” section of ‘No Sense’ which was donated by Jacob Cole, + one critical chord in ‘Kern River’ which was contributed by Brice Ogan.

Violin by Ben Andrews
“Cuckoo” Vocals on ‘No Sense’ by Josh Magallenes
Female Voice of Reason on ‘Big Baby’ by Allison Milham
Group Vocal on Hate the Game by the Players Choir

Additional Piano by Chris Lambert
Recorded by Randall Sena & Chris Lambert at Certain Sparks, Lompoc, CA Aug / Sept 2014
Mastered by TW Walsh