Interview with Wesley Hill from The Only Ocean

SipMusic Q & A with Wesley Hill

The Only Ocean - Wesley Hill

The second quarter Wine/Music release from SipMusic is five new songs from The Only Ocean, paired with Hardcore, a blend of primarily Syrah, Mourvedre and Cabernet Sauvignon from Core Winery.

The four-piece band combines their love of 90’s alternative rock with more celestial elements, which reflects their proximity to Vandenberg Air Force Base.

We had the chance to ask singer/guitarist, Wesley Hill a few questions about their upcoming SipMusic Club release, and here’s what he said…

SMC – Why release your music with a bottle of wine this time, Wesley?

WH – Lompoc is getting known for their wines, & we felt that collaborating on this project made sense, & would be good for our band.

SMC – Lompoc has a unique music community. What’s the vibe when you tell people you’re from Lompoc?

WHOutside of Lompoc we sometimes get the vibe that nothing good can come from our town. Beyond Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo a lot of people don’t even know where we are. Personally, I love telling people we are from Lompoc. It’s growing up here hat has helped make us the band we are.

SMC – You have to show one of your songs to your hero, George Harrison. What song would you pick?

WH – So Shy So High, from the new EP. I’m really proud of that song.

SMC – What’s the story behind your album cover?

WH – It’s a collage our friend, Josh Zacarias, designed for us, he’s in a band called Captions that we like.

SMC – What makes The Only Ocean special?

WH – The Only Ocean is special because we don’t worry about what’s cool. We write songs that we’re passionate about and that we can stand behind.

SMC – When’s the wine & music coming out?

WH – June 18th, 2016 at Certain Sparks Music. Jamey Geston is opening the show!

SMC – Sweet. Thanks, Wesley!

You can find out more about The Only Ocean @:

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