Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any minimum requirement for signing up?

  • We request a 1-year commitment for our standard memberships, due to work involved in processing new members. But we also have a 1-time membership option, if you’re scared of commitment. 😉

Do I have to be present to get my wine & music?

  • We’d love to have you at all the release events, but if you can’t attend, we’ll save your releases for you until we see you again.

Do you deliver? 

  • Yes, at additional charge we can ship anywhere in California. Outside of California, we review each address to make sure we are allowed to ship to your state.

What if I don’t like the wine of music?

  • Let us know. No hurt feelings. You can also cancel your membership by sending subject CANCEL to

How do you select the music?

  • Randall Sena has many friends on the national music community, his eclectic tastes make for an entertaining mix of performers.

Is it OK to bring our own wine?

  • No, sorry.

Are children allowed?

  • Yes, if they are attentive listeners.